PhD Proposal and Synopsis and Their Importance

Becoming a PhD scholar is no easy feat. You need to be motivated, dedicated and ready to face different challenges that come along during your PhD research days. Just getting enrolled in a renowned university is no enough. You must be creative, innovative and communicative to pass through various stages of PhD challenges. You need to understand and acknowledge the importance PhD proposal and synopsis that will play a significant role in getting you to your destination, i.e. attaining your PhD degree.

Writing a good PhD proposal and synopsis is the first stepping stone in your research scholar life. Your PhD proposal will establish the area of your research project, the main research questions you will be searching answers for and the research methods you will be applying. Writing a proposal is surely not easy. The topic which you choose and the rhythm which you set in your proposal and synopsis will form the basis of your research. So, it is advisable not to approach your proposal in haste or write down anything randomly.

Instead, you need to be creative and dedicated in your approach. To prepare the first few drafts you can take the assistance of your mentor. Of course, over the period of yours study, your initial thoughts and ideas will be refined. There may come a time when you may have to change the entire course of your research. For this reason, it is advisable to present a revised synopsis of your proposal every year at the annual review.

The synopsis needs to be written and organized in the similar manner as the proposal. The synopsis will also include a summary of your work which has already been completed.

Let us now discuss the structure of the proposal or synopsis.

  • Working Title: You need to write a working title that will work for your project.

  • Aims and statement of topics

  • Review of literature and relevant practice

  • Method or approach of your dissertation

  • Findings

  • Summary or evaluation

  • Research time line

Always remember that the proposal or synopsis of your dissertation needs to be precise and impressive if you need it to get approved in the first submission itself. If it is not well-written, the dissertation committee will reject it and send it to you for corrections. Gauging the importance of PhD proposal and to prepare the PhD proposal and synopsis, you can even take the assistance of expert PhD holders with significant experience and know-how!

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