Assess you own academic writing: how to do it honestly?

In the journey as a writer, many times you face criticism for your writing and most of us have the habit to take the criticism seriously and reflect it in our further initiatives. What is important to know here is that giving and interpreting feedback is not an easy job and it requires a lot of sorting to identify the criticism that has the required merits and the one that is ill advised. Or can we do it better? Let us give you a ready made and handy quiz to assess, to which if you answer honestly, you can know what your strong and weak areas as a writer are.If you answer this genuinely, you may not need to look at external and unreliable sources to assess your writing as you would very well know your merits and demerits as a writer.

In the below-mentioned statements, honestly evaluate your ability in each of the areas on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 meaning poor and 10 meaning outstanding ability)

  • I have the ability to put together and synthesise lots of research and have a look at the bigger picture.
  • I am efficient at summarising research in a clear and easy to follow a pattern.
  • I have a critical perspective and can identify research gaps or flaws in existing literature and reasoning available.
  • My sentence formation style is clear and there is a good transition between sentences that I frame.
  • My application of transition phrases and words in sentences adds on to the synchronisation and the meaning of the sentences
  • My articulation of research sentences is effective and I can draft good problem statement
  • I create interesting content by combining long and short sentences in an appropriate manner
  • I can craft an interesting introduction from the readers perspective for clearer understanding of the topic
  • My style of writing is more active and not passive to complicate the meaning of the content
  • I always complete my research before I start writing so that I feel completely ready for the endeavour
  • I have the habit of writing on consistent basis, few hours every day rather than an unorganised pattern
  • My writing schedule is planned according to my productivity pattern, and I make sure to use my most productive hours for writing
  • I often take breaks during long writing spells for reenergising my focus
  • I am open to multiple efforts in writing and recreating drafts again and again after various attempts of revision
  • I am confident of my ability as a writer and do not hesitate sharing my drafts for expert advise and inputs.

Tally up the score of all the statements and see how m much you have scored from the maximum of 150. Notice the items you have rated high and the ones you have rated low. The ones you have scored good on are your strength areas while the lower ones need some focus and effort from your side. Now you are the best critique for your writing, what say?

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