Five tips to avoid last minute submission chaos

A bit of forward thinking can significantly help you in avoiding last minute thesis submission chaos. PhD scholars spend years doing their research, choosing the topic, searching for the data, compiling their findings and then writing them. But they up leaving lots of works till the late minute of submission. For this reason, they find themselves confused and anxious. Often they up making a silly or serious mistake, which they regret later on!

So, know the five vital tips that can help in avoiding last minute submission chaos.

  1. Double check the deadline of your thesis submission
    Do not simply rely on the words of anyone who tells you the submission date. Only believe when you have a written confirmation about the deadline from any official source. Additionally, do not simply assume that if you are not able to submit your thesis in time, you will be given an extension. If you need an extensive due to any reason, apply for it beforehand and talk to your guide as well.
  1. Get information where you submit your thesis
    Where to submit their thesis is what large numbers of PhD scholars ignore to get information about or leave it for the last moment. Do you have to give it to your guide or submit it in a particular office? Know when the office closes as well. You surely do not want to reach the office at 5 in the evening to realize that its closing time as 3 PM.
  1. Know the paperwork to be done
    Different universities have their separate set of paperwork which you need to fill before submitting your thesis. You will want to avoid battling at the last submission to get your forms signed by the right people. So, ensure that complete all the paperwork beforehand and get all the signatures required.
  1. Get information about the required formatting
    It is always better to know the typeface, line spacing and margin size which are required for your thesis. This will help you sort it out early and you will not have to panic at the last moment to reformat your thesis and print it again.
  1. Get to know the number of copies you need to print
    Ask your guide about the number of copies you need to print and submit. Typically, you will require printing two copies, but some universities may demand more. So, get the information beforehand and print the number of copies accordingly to avoid any last minute submission chaos!

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