PhD after graduation. Understanding PhD programs – What is direct PhD?

Students under this category get an opportunity to earn a doctorate in Engineering / Sciences / Humanities just after the Bachelor’s degree. The doctoral program is uniquely designed for students who have earned their bachelor’s degree and have realized that they have a research bent of mind. This program gives them an opportunity to seek admission into this program and earn a direct PhD degree.

 Integrated PhD

An Integrated PhD is typically granted after the completion of a double Doctorate. This type of doctoral program is particularly useful for those who want to pursue research as a career, but also want to do some research before getting a permanent job. The Integrated Ph.D. is a hybrid program that combines research and teaching in one’s PhD program. The candidate is required to do some research work, but at the same time teach students and conduct other duties like research management and supervision of other students.

 Specializations for PhD program

Some PhD programs have specializations or minors that can be taken after the completion of the full program. Students who have completed their full degree can choose one of these minors that would be a part of their PhD program. PhD programs can also have interdisciplinary specializations like CS integrated with Business, Computer Systems with Electrical Engineering, and so on. Such specializations allow for a better understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of research and gives students an opportunity to explore many areas of study under one umbrella.

 Post-doctoral (PhD) Degree

Post-doctoral degree is granted after a successful completion of the PhD program. This is typically granted to candidates who have completed the full duration of their PhD program but, due to various reasons, haven’t been able to earn the PhD degree. In this program, candidates get the opportunity to continue their research after graduation and get the results published in journals as well as present their research findings at scientific conferences. Post-doctoral research is particularly useful for those who want to pursue research as a career, but want to do some research before getting a permanent job.

Acceptance into PhD program

A student has to apply for the PhD program at the most appropriate time in their undergraduate or postgraduate life. It is important to note that, once the student has selected a PhD program and applied for admission, he/she cannot change the choice without getting rejected. The application for admission must be submitted at the appropriate time when the student has already finished his/her undergraduate/postgraduate studies. The application process is different for each PhD program, so make sure you follow the right process. Some PhD programs have an online application process while others have an offline application process. Once the admission process is over, the candidate is generally called for an interview where they have to present their research work and answer research-related questions.

 Other Things to Remember

– Before applying for PhD programs, make sure you are able to carry out independent research and research management at the same time. – Keep in mind that the entry scores of PhD programs are usually strict, so you need to score well in the entrance exam of the respective programs. – Community participation is very important in a PhD program. Find research groups and labs that you can work in. Get to know your supervisors and other faculty members in your program. Make friends with your fellow students and participate in research projects. – Make sure you have a good research proposal before applying for PhD programs. – Some PhD programs award their students with a stipend, others award a yearly salary and grant a research grant for their further studies. – Keep in mind that, if you are in a dual degree program, you need to complete your undergraduate studies before applying for PhD programs in order to have enough credits to get accepted into the PhD program. – You can also consider applying for Post-doctoral programs if you have completed your PhD program and have not been able to get a permanent job because of your research results. – 


PhDs are typically granted after the completion of a PhD program. The goal of a PhD program is to grant a Doctorate degree to the student who has completed the full duration of their research work and has demonstrated excellence in their research. A PhD program generally involves research work, teaching and research management. The admission criteria for PhD programs vary from program to program, but most of them require a good research proposal along with good academic performance in undergraduate/postgraduate programs.

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