Peer Review – How it gives your research a publishable quality

So, you have completed your thesis? Congratulations! What next? You want to swiftly get it approved from your guide and other senior scholars so that it can be sent for publishing. But the road is not easy. Large numbers of PhD scholars find their thesis rejected or not approved for publishing due to varied mistakes ranging from grammatical and vocabulary errors, formatting mistakes to referencing errors, spelling mistakes, indexing errors and so on.

How can you get over the issues and ensure that your research is of publishable quality? The answer is simple- take a peer review! Always remember the fact that even though you may read your thesis several times, but there are things which you may either ignore, overlook or may not be aware of. So, it is recommended to explore the internet and search for a credible online platform that offers thesis reviewing and proofreading services. Your thesis will be reviewed by experienced and knowledgeable scholars who will then point out the mistakes and even edit the errors.

If you still want to know more, let us learn in a comprehensive way how peer review can give your research a publishable quality.

  • Reviewing your thesis from an experienced scholar can give you insights about the formatting style which you need to follow. Different universities have their separate formatting style which plays a crucial role in getting your thesis accepted. If you are making a mistake with the formatting style, the reviewer will inform you about it and you can thereby make the necessary changes.
  • A reviewer can inform you about the spelling, grammatical and vocabulary errors which you have made in writing your thesis.
  • Through peer review you can come to know reference and numbering mistakes which you have done.
  • A knowledgeable reviewer will check out tables which you have created for writing down the research data. They will then ensure that all the tables are consistent in numbering, font usage, margins etc.
  • A reviewer will ensure that your dissertation words are within the stipulated limit. Universities pay special attention to the word count of your thesis and you only accept your thesis if the word count is within the limit.
  • Furthermore, a reviewer will check and ensure that you have compiled and written your thesis in an interesting manner, to ignite the interest of the readers.

So, get a reviewer to check your thesis and significantly increase the chance of its acceptance!

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